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If you are in the market, for a high quality vinyl cutting machine then ,really, theres never been a better time to buy. These products may come with the a host of features for supporting most printers needs. When you plan to choose the best unit for yourself, you can compare some available machines for yourself. This article is going to show you top 10 machines that are available today. These devices are very powerful to support your needs easily. You will never regret on your decision to buy any of these machines. Here are some recommended cutting machines that you can find these days.


10. Cricut Mini Cutting Machine

This is a great cutting machine that has a lot of features. It is able to help you cut any types of materials, including vinyl, chipboard, vellum, fabric, cardstock, and other popular materials. This machine can cut any types of materials in any different sizes. This device is very well-known for its precise cutting capability. This system also has quiet cutting technology, so you can enjoy your experience with this powerful cutting machine.

9. Cricut 29-0001 Personal Cutting Machine

This is another good product from Cricut company. This portable cutting machine is suitable for cutting any products, such as scrapbook, greeting card, paper craft, and many other products easily. It allows you to cut from 1 inch – 5.5 inches tall easily. There is no computer required for using this powerful cutting machine.

8. Vinyl Cutter MH Series 34in Bundle

There are many people who are using this cutting machine. It allows you to cut any products easily. This product has adjustable pinch rollers, so you can use any types of materials with this device. When you buy this product now, you can also get additional cut and design software. You can use this software to support your daily needs with this powerful machine.

7. USCutter Vinyl Cutter Plotter

This is a good vinyl cutting machine that is available today. It has dual position carriage, in order to help you complete your cutting procedure easily. Its adjustable pinch rollers can allow you to use any materials easily. It has compatible blade holder, so you can use any economical blades easily. It is very easy for you to operate this cutting machine for supporting your needs.

6. Pink Cricut Expression Cutting Machine

If you want to buy the best cutting machine for your vinyl material, you can consider using this product. This device allows you to cut images ranging from 0.25 – 11.5 inches easily. This vinyl cutting machine is very well-known for its flexibility. It has four complete functions and six different modes, so you can select the best option for yourself. You can customize your cuts easily when you are using this cutting machine.

5. Silhouette Portrait

It is one of the best vinyl cutting machines on the market today. This machine can help you cut any types of materials, including vinyl, magnet paper, fabric, cardstock, paper, vellum, and many other popular materials. When you buy this device now, you can also get free PC and Mac compatible software. This application allows you to monitor the movement and performance of this cutting machine easily. There are 50 exclusive designs that are available for all users.

4. Silhouette Cameo Kit

This is another recommended cutting machine from Silhouette company. There are some great features that you can find from this product. This kit comes with some additional accessories, such as extra mat, cutting blade, metallic pen set, and also pick up tool. This device is suitable for cutting any materials, such as custom apparel, card, layout, vinyl decor, sketch design, and many other popular materials. You can also get access to thousands of designs from the Silhouette company.

3. Cricut Expression 2 Cutting Machine

When you plan to buy a good vinyl cutting machine, this device can be a perfect option for you. It is compatible with any types of cricut cartridges. This device can work quickly and efficiently. There is no keypad required for operating this powerful cutting machine. When you want to monitor the performance of this machine, you can take a look at its full color LCD touch screen from this device.

2. Silhouette Cameo Digital Craft Cutter

Some people are using this cutting machine today. There are some good features that are offered by this machine. It is able to maximize the overall benefits of the cutting force that is about 210 gf. This machine is also compatible with USB, SDHC, and also SD card. You can simply cut your vinyl materials based on your pattern easily.

1. Silhouette Cameo Electric Cutting Tool

This is another recommended item from Silhouette company. This cutting machine comes with some additional items, including 12 inches cutting mat, cuttable designs, and also cutting blade. This machine is very powerful to cut any materials or products, including vinyl decor, sketch design, etched glass, custom apparel, scrapbook layout, and many other powerful products. When you are looking for the best cutting machine with precision system, this product can be the best option for you.

One of the things I have loved doing, ever since I was a kid, was screen printing t shirts. When I was a lot younger, my mom used to help me out with it. You see, I was quite the artist as a kid, and I would not restrict myself to drawing on paper. I liked to draw on my clothes most of all. I was very proud of the art that I was making, and I wanted to show it off by wearing it. My mom was very smart. Rather than getting into a big fight with me about drawing and painting on my clothes, she showed me how to screen print t shirts. It was a great bonding activity, and it took me in a more creative, less messy direction.

We would use a pretty primitive setup for screen printing t shirts. A lot of people do not really understand how simple it can be. Anyone can screen print a t shirt with nothing but a nylon sheet stretched over a frame, some glue, some ink, and an iron. You block out the design with glue on the nylon, put the t shirt right against the frame, and dribble the ink through. Then you iron it to set it permanently. That is really all there is to it.

Of course, that method is good for screen printing a t shirt. You can even get by with doing a couple dozen that way. If you are going to do some serious, professional printing in bulk, however, you need a more sophisticated way of doing things. The problem is that a professional silk screen costs a whole lot of money. They start out at about $4,000 dollars, and they go up from there. They also take up a lot of room, and you need to know about the machine if you want to be able to use it right and repair it when it goes wrong.

That is why, when I started a business screen printing t shirts, I decided to shop my shirts out to some screen printer shops. At first I found a local shop that was able to do small batches of 50 shirts or so for me, but soon I was printing out big runs. I found a shop online that specialized in screen printing t shirts in bulk. When I was ordering hundreds of shirts at once, it just made more sense economically to use them for my business.

Creative, design inspired individuals will love our new Yudu screen printing system. “What can Yudu?” is the strapline that Provo Craft uses for this product, well – it turns out that the incredible Yudu machine can actually do quite a lot. If you’re having trouble finding clothes with logos that appeal to you or artwork that you would actually put on your wall, then screen printing is the solution. It’s a way to create logos and prints that are just the way you like them and all your own. The Yudu screen printing system can basically imprint your unique design on any flat surface you want to decorate. So not only can you decorate t shirts, you can also decorate posters, books, art prints, cards, party invitations, tote bags, school projects and much more. And not only is it doable, it’s also easy. As long as you have a computer, an ink jet printer and some creative ideas you’re good to go.

The Yudu screen printing system comes with the Yudu machine, a t shirt, an ink jet transparency, a mesh screen, a squeegee, some black ink, a Platen adhesive sheet, an emulsion sheet, and an instructional DVD and user manual to help you out. All of the components included ensure that your screen printing experience is as easy and painless as possible. Screen printing can get really frustrating when the ink runs, or it fades away, it bleeds through, it doesn’t print neatly, the bottle gets plugged up, it ruins the screen, and the whole process is just one big mess. Yudu takes care of these problems by making its materials high quality, functional and reusable. The ink is water based so that it washes away easily, and it’s mixed so that the image will come out nice and crisply. The bottle has a screw off top so that it doesn’t get plugged up and waste ink, and the screens can be used again because the ink doesn’t ruin them. You just won’t get the same results with non Yudu textile or fashion ink, whether it’s in quality or versatility.

With the amazing Yudu machine, screen printing hassles are an annoying thing of the past. Don’t be afraid to express yourself—you don’t have to worry about your designs not coming out the way you planned them, if you plan to buy a Yudu screen printing system anytime soon. So now that you know what you can do, what will Yudu?